Manufacturer’s Warranty

(Applicable from 01/01/2020 )

All power tools manufactured by FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH are meticulously inspected, tested and subjected to strict quality controls.

  1. Therefore, FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH (‘FLEX’) hereby warrants to end customers in the United Kingdom ('Customers') that its power tools and products further described in clause 5 below (‘Products’) will remain free from defects in manufacture and material defects for the Warranty Period as defined in clause 3 below (‘Warranty’).
  2. If Products fail to conform to the Warranty during the Warranty Period, then FLEX will at its sole discretion and cost either repair the defective Products, or replace them with a like product or like product part as reasonably required to replace any faulty Products and/or faulty part of the Products. In the event of replacement of a Product or any part of it under the terms of this Warranty, this Warranty will apply to the replacement product for the remainder of the original Warranty Period. FLEX will have no further liability to the Customer.
  3. The Warranty Period commences on the date of purchase of a Product as shown on the original purchase receipt, when the Product was purchased from new, and ends:

    1. Either 12 months after commencement in the case of commercial, professional or equivalent use of the Product, or in any other case;
    2. 36 months after commencement, if the Product is registered by the Customer with FLEX in accordance with clause 4 below; or
    3. 24 months after commencement, if the Product is not so registered.
  4. In order for the Warranty Period to extend to 36 months, as specified at clause 3.2 above, the Customer must register with FLEX at within 30 days of the date of purchase as new of the Product and to print out and keep confirmation of such registration.
  5. This Warranty will apply only to the following Products: Power tools, Li-ion batteries and associated chargers and laser measuring devices manufactured and/or sold by FLEX which are purchased on or after 01/01/2020.
  6. The warranty for Li-ion batteries covered by this Warranty is limited to 700 charging cycles.
  7. This Warranty does not cover:

    1. Fair wear and tear of the Product;
    2. defects caused by non-compliance with operating instructions for the Product, improper use or storage, inappropriate operating conditions, overload or insufficient servicing or maintenance;
    3. damage or wear that indicates continuous heavy strenuous usage of the Product, particularly constant industrial utilisation with continued above-average Product operation, or that suggests the application of force or damage from external influences (e.g. dropping, impact) or foreign matter (e.g. sand or stones);
    4. Products in which non-original FLEX accessories have been integrated;
    5. Products in respect of which repairs or other modifications, additions, alterations or dismantling have been carried out by the Customer and/or by repair workshops that are not authorised by FLEX.
    6. Minor deviations of the Products from [specified quality] OR [specifications] which do not affect the value and functionality of the Product;
    7. Products which have not been reasonably maintained; and
    8. defects in respect of accessories included within standard deliveries of products.
  8. Claims under this Warranty require the presentation by the Customer to FLEX of the original purchase receipt for the relevant Product, clearly showing the Product description and date of purchase and, where applicable, confirmation of the Customer’s registration together with confirmation of the product’s registration under clause 4.
  9. Except for the remedies expressly set out in this Warranty and except that FLEX accepts responsibility for death or personal injury arising out of its own negligence, FLEX excludes all liability in contract and for other civil wrongs. In particular, but without limitation, FLEX will not be responsible for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage or, for any loss of profit or other economic, the liability for all of which is hereby excluded.
  10. Consumers have statutory rights in relation to the Products covered by this Warranty and such rights are not affected by this Warranty.
  11. FLEX will further not be responsible for any matters outside its reasonable control.
  12. Warranty repairs are carried out solely by FLEX-authorised workshops or service stations in the country the product has been purchased. In the event of a valid claim made under this Warranty, the relevant Product should be delivered to the relevant location (at the Customer’s risk and cost) together with the original purchase receipt and, where applicable, the confirmation of the Customer’s registration under clause 4.
  13. All rights and obligations arising from this Warranty are governed by and interpreted exclusively in accordance with English law.
  14. All disputes arising from or related to this Warranty are to be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.